Poetry - Call for Submissions

Arc Poetry Magazine Increases Rates and Calls for Poetry Submissions – Pays $50/page

Canadian literary magazine Arc (est. 1978) has opened its annual reading period and is now accepting poetry (modern style), book reviews, and poetry-themed essays from both budding and professional writers. Arc is published twice yearly, including an annual issue to cover summer, fall, and winter.

Managing Editor Monty Reid welcomes original, unpublished poems, on any topic, in any poetic form. A single poetry submission can be up to five pages.

For essays, book reviews, or any type of narrative writing, query first with article idea and estimated length. Because Arc is a poetry magazine, do not submit drama or short stories. Submit poetry or poetry-related topics only.

Payment: $50/page, issued upon publication (Previous rate was $40/page). Arc buys First Canadian Rights.

Reading period closes May 31, 2017. Read submission guidelines at Arc’s Submittable page.

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