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Annorlunda Books Calls for Short Nonfiction or Fiction Manuscripts for 2017

Annorlunda Books, a small press specializing in publishing short eBooks, is looking to fulfill their 2017 publication schedule and needs more authors to submit their manuscripts for consideration.

Both fiction and nonfiction work should have a strong narrative and inspire readers to learn something new or force them to reflect. The imprint publishes novella (or shorter) size works as well as collections of shorter writing.

Authors from marginalized or underrepresented communities are strongly encourage to submit, including authors with unique voices whose subject matter might be considered eccentric or too niche.

Contracts: $200 advance plus royalties for works 17K words and above; $100 advance plus royalties for works 8K-17K words; royalties only for shorter works.

The publisher will review previously published material.

For more information, go to Annorlunda Books.

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