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Abyss & Apex magazine Opens 7-Day Reading Period for Flash Fiction Stories – Pays 6 cents/word

Abyss & Apex, a Hugo-Nominated speculative fiction magazine, has opened a 7-day reading period to curate flash fiction stories only. The quarterly publication pays strong attention to character-driven stories that explore the recesses and peaks of emotion and motivation from a wide range of cultural and social contexts.

Abyss & Apex magazineLed by Editor and Publisher Wendy S. Delmater, the staff likes to read descriptive world-building stories in many spec fiction genres, including slipstream, dark fantasy, magical realism, hard/soft science fiction, urban fantasy, military science fiction, and so on. They seek dynamic stories that pioneer “the unusual” and engage readers’ emotions and hearts.

Word length(s): Flash fiction, up to 1250 words per story.

Payment: 6 cents per word (considered pro-rates for this genre) up to 1250 words; or a flat payment of $75 for longer stories.

Reading period closes February 8, 2017. Read submission guidelines at the magazine’s website.

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