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Since 2013 WritingCareer.com has been helping writers and poets find reputable literary markets that pay for prose and poetryafter all, why should creative writers write for free? Last year WritingCareer.com introduced writers to more than 700 editors, agents, and publishers paying for poetry, stories, articles and other types of creative writing.

Brian Scott, founder and editor-in-chief, updates the site during the week with new announcements of editors and publishers who are actively seeking submissions, pay standard or competitive rates, and do not charge reading fees.

Market listings at WritingCareer.com are more “literary in nature” because they are ideally suited for creative writers, essayists, poets, dramatists, storytellers and fictional world-builders, bibliophiles who write, liberal arts students, and English scholars.

The site regularly reports on:

  1. Sci-fi/fantasy markets that are soliciting stories;
  2. Anthologists who are seeking submissions for special themed anthologies;
  3. Magazine editors who are accepting nonfiction and fiction articles for upcoming issues;
  4. Literary agents who are looking for new authors to represent;
  5. New book imprints that are seeking authors for debut titles;
  6. Literary journals with time-sensitive reading periods that are accepting submissions of poetry and prose;
  7. Poetry chapbooks compiling poems written in traditional, lyrical, and experimental styles; and
  8. Special Kickstarter-funded publishing projects that need writers to contribute stories.

WritingCareer also maintains special “deadline-sensitive” pages to help writers submit their material before important reading periods close; they include:

Each of these pages curates forthcoming deadlines of markets that are seeking submissions. These pages are refreshed with new information at least every three weeks.

Writers can locate general or specific market listings by using the site’s:

  • Site-wide search box: located on the right side of the webpage, writers can type in a keyword, publication title, genre type, or a phrase to search the site;
  • Tumblr tags: because WritingCareer uses the Tumblr platform for hosting, writers can click on individual tags (beneath each post) which identifies a category;
  • Archives Section: this special page organizes posts by date, leading all the way back to the beginning.

Writers can receive new “calls for submissions” by subscribing to Brian’s free eNewsletter at his other website.

WritingCareer’s company page is at LinkedIn.

A special message from Brian Scott:

The website you see today was rebranded and re-launched in 2013. I initially launched WritingCareer.com in January 2001 as an ePublishing imprint that specialized in publishing ebooks for writers who wanted to succeed in a writing career, whether freelance or staff position. The imprint, along with an eCommerce store, was successful and lasted for several years.  I worked with many talented authors to help them publish, distribute and sell their ebooks, including my own.

Here is what WritingCareer.com looked like in 2013 before I took it in an entirely different direction.

Writing Career (old version)

No longer interested in publishing eBooks, I decided to transition WritingCareer into an online literary marketplace where I could use my impeccable research and writing skills to compile market listings to help writers and poets find places to sell their stories and poetry.

I know all too well that writers—especially freelancers—struggle, whether self-employed in a full-time career or writing fiction stories on the side as a serious hobby. The success of a solo writing career is firmly tied to selling one’s writing or services. The lack of work or the inability to secure the next gig or next client is a continual struggle for writers, especially for individuals who rely on writing as a source of income.

My passion to help writers “struggle less” is probably the main reason why I continue to run and improve WritingCareer.com. If I can help writers identify new writing opportunities or new ways to earn money with what they produce, I feel like it is a gift I can freely give.

Thanks so much for visiting my site. I wish you great success in your writing career!

—Brian Scott

(I welcome you to visit my other websites for writers: ReadabilityFormulas.comStyleWriter-USA.comLousyWriter.com, and Online-Writing-Jobs.com)

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