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10 Literary Agents Actively Seeking Fiction and Nonfiction Authors to Represent


These literary agents are actively seeking new and established authors to represent and are open to pitches. I have listed only reputable agencies that have a history of success. Below each agent’s name, I have provided their wishlist or what they are proactively looking for. To my knowledge, none of these agents charge a reading fee.

Annie Hwang, Literary Agent
Folio Literary Management (est. 2006).
630 9th Avenue, Suite 1101 New York, NY 10036

Wish List: Ms. Hwang is looking for literary and upmarket fiction with commercial demand, particularly historical fiction. She is captivated to stories with family sagas that extend generations or stories that include women of a time long past, uniting around a common spatial, cultural, or emotional theme. She is also looking for literary thrillers with a psychological or emotive tack. Query via email with the first 10 pages of your manuscript. [ Contact this agent ]

Amelia Appel, Jr. Literary Agent
McIntosh & Otis, Inc. (est. 1928)
353 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10016

Wish List: Formerly an assistant at the agency, Amelia is currently establishing her own list of client-authors. She wants to represent adult fiction with some young adult. Under adult fiction, she enjoys literary fiction, mystery, thriller, historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy, and horror. Under young adult, she like stories with a smart lead character and a relatively dark mood that tackles meaningful coming-of-age issues. [ Contact this agent ]

Nikki Terpilowski, Founder, Literary Agent
Holloway Literary (est. 2011)
( No Street Address) Raleigh, NC

Wish List: Nikki is currently searching for contemporary romance (est. coastal and southern themes); literary or food-based cozy mysteries; female-driven thrillers in the style of TV shows like Scandal, Quantico, Homeland and Orphan Black; southern fiction, esp. with a North Carolina setting; magical realism; African-American fiction; gritty military or political thrillers; and nonfiction on mindfulness. Query her with the first 15 pages of your manuscript. [ Contact this agent ]

Tracy Marchini, Literary Agent
BookEnds Literary Agency (est. 1999)
Gillette, NJ 07933

Wish List: Formerly an agent’s assistant with Curtis Brown, Tracy joined BookEnds in June of this year. She holds an MFA in Writing for Children from Simmons College and is currently looking to represent picture books, middle grade and young adult novels across most genres, including contemporary, mysteries, thrillers, magical realism, historical fiction, and nonfiction. Query her with the first five pages of your manuscript. [ Contact this agent

Federica Martin Leonardis, Founder, Literary Agent
Martin Leonardis Ltd – Literary Management (est. 2016)
71-75 Shelton Street, London WC2H 9JQ

Wish List: Formerly an associate literary agent with Rogers Coleridge & White, Federica opened her own full-service agency in July 2016. She is currently open to submissions. She wants to represent commercial, cross-over and reading-group fiction; new and fresh recipe books; and smart-thinking, lifestyle and self-help books, such as social psychology, organizational psychology, business and productivity. [ Contact this agent ]

Stacey Donaghy, Founder, Literary Agent
Donaghy Literary Group (est. 2013)
Aurora, ON L4G 6H8 Canada

Wish List: Stacey wants to receive more pitches for Adult and Young Adult fiction, especially LGBTQ stories. She is also seeking psychological thrillers, contemporary romance, romance with varying heat levels, and Erotic Romance with plenty of sexual tension. [ Contact this agent

Foladé Bell, Associate Agent
Serendipity Literary Agency (est. 2000)
Brooklyn, NY 11216 and New York, NY 10019

Wish List: Foladé is currently looking to represent an extensive variety of projects. She is mainly lured to: literary and commercial women’s fiction with a strong sense of story, voice and character; witty and relatable fiction; bold YA books with a lively, distinct viewpoint; literary mysteries/thrillers; contemporary historical fiction, Christian fiction, and books that profoundly experience other cultures. The Agency has also announced a recent call for fiction manuscript submissions. Submit a one page synopsis and the first 50 pages or first three chapters of your manuscript. [ Contact this agent ]

Franca Bernatavicius, Literary Agent
Zeno Agency Ltd. (est. 2008)
110 Gloucester Avenue, London NW1 8HX

Zeno Agency Ltd. is a London-based literary agency specializing in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror. The agency announced it is expanding into other genres, such as crime and thrillers, women’s fiction and young adult fiction.

Wish List: Franca Bernatavicius has recently reopened for submissions while the other agents remain closed. For adults readers, she is seeking high-fantasy, literary fiction and magical realism. Her background is largely in young adult fiction so she would also like to receive sensational YA literature of any genre, especially psychological thrillers and dystopia. [ Contact this agent ]

Stefanie Von Borstel, Co-Founder, Literary Agent
Full Circle Literary (est. 2005).
3268 Governor Dr # 323, San Diego, CA 92122

Wish List: Stefanie is seeking to represent Adult nonfiction that both educates and motivates written by entrepreneurs with a strong platform, especially women; Middle grade and Y.A. contemporary or historical fiction stories; Middle grade or Y.A. books with illustrations or interactive elements; and Picture books with lyrical writing and gorgeous artwork. [ Contact this agent ]

Tricia Skinner, Associate Agent
Fuse Literary (formerly Foreword Literary) (est. 2013)
Headquarters: Silicon Valley (with offices in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Vancouver and San Diego)

Wish List: Tricia wants to represent authors who show diversity and cultures in their work. Multicultural settings/topics and diverse characters are strongly encouraged. She is interested in Romance or Romantic Elements (Adult/Young Adult/New Adult) in various subgenres, including horror, futuristic, adventure, and paranormal. Currently, Tricia is only accepting new/unpublished/completed manuscripts. Query her with the first 10 pages of your manuscript. [ Contact this agent ]

— Brian Scott,

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